SESA Consulting’s logo development team will collaborate with you to develop an identity for your business that will serve as the foundation for all of your future marketing efforts. In our view, this foundation can only be built from an understanding of your company’s business strategy, competitive forces and consumer needs.

Every design project begins by helping you develop a deeper understanding of the connection between your industry, your company, your market and your customer. Through the integration of market research, strategic marketing and design expertise, we focus on building value into brand and corporate identity. We help companies enhance their image, gain awareness and increase their customer base to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our design teams understand that branding is more than just ensuring that customers recognize a logo or product name. Branding means creating an emotional association between the customer and your product,service, or company.

Brands have power. Real power. Measurable power.

Let our team help you harness your company’s brand power.

Logos: Starting at $100

Some of our logos:

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