Save money and time. Sesa’a Do-It-Yourself program gives you the tools you to maintain your website yourself. When you have a small budget one of the best ways to save is to keep all web maintenance in-house. In-house web maintenance is also beneficial if you need something done right away and don’t want to have to wait on your contracted developer to get it done.

Option 1: Standard Training
With the standard training package you will receive a Training Manual that covers generic web maintenance needs such as:

Standard training also includes a one hour training session over the phone.

Price: $100

Option 2: Customized Training.
We can develop a training workshop catered specifically around your sites’ needs. We will consult with you on your particular web maintenance needs and develop a training workshop and manual to suit your needs. We will conduct the training workshop at your place of business and it can be attended by as many of your employees as you need.

Price: $75/hr

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